The Bilsdale Hunt

Established in 1668 by George Villiers the then Duke of Buckingham, the hunt is the oldest in England. Bilsdale hunt

George was literally a bit of a "playboy", and from his base at Helmsley Castle embarked on a life of wine, women and active sports that included his passion for hunting. The old nursery rhyme "georgie porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry" has oft been attributed to the Duke.

The Bilsdale hunt is now somewhat different from its aristocratic origins. Instead of being a private hunt with exclusive access to the rich and privileged, The Bilsdale is universally recognised as one of the friendliest and most inclusive in the United Kingdom

Bilsdale last meet of spring 2007

Hunting an area of 300 square miles, predominantly within the national park, the hunt country is broadly bordered to the West by the A19 main road, to the East by the Bilsdale valley and stretches from Thirsk and Helmsley in the south to the Stokesley road in the north.


The terrain is a mixture of upland moors, stone walls, bogs, forestry and lowland pasture, certainly varied and requiring both horse and riders of stout disposition and brave heart!